Copy your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your iTunes Library
Transfer Music, Videos, Playlists, Ratings & more

copyThing will save your time by making it super simple to copy desired media from any iPhone/iPod/iPad.
  • Transfer iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or iPod content to any iTunes library, without duplicates.
  • View the content which is missing from your iTunes library.
  • Transfer playlists to iTunes.
  • Restore your entire iTunes library from any iPhone, iPad or iPod with just one click.
  • Copy songs, videos, movies, TV shows, etc from iPhone/iPad/iPod to your iTunes library.
  • Transfer song ratings, played counts, played dates, and more.
  • Copy music, video, podcasts, voice memos, etc to a folder on your Mac (no iTunes required).

Lost your entire iTunes library?

Restore it from your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

Lost some songs, videos or other media from your iTunes library?

Import just these from your device back to iTunes!

Lost one/some playlists from your iTunes library?

Let copyThing re-create your playlists from iPhone, iPod, iPad - including any missing files.

copyThing answers the following questions:
  • How to transfer my music from my iPhone, iPod, or iPad into the iTunes library.
  • How to copy iPod my playlists to iTunes.
  • How to backup iPod, iPhone or iPad.
  • How to import iPhone music, videos, podcasts, TV-Shows to iTunes library.
  • How to restore my iTunes library from iPod, iPhone, iPad.

Typical user questions where copyThing can help:
  • I lost my iTunes library is empty. How can I restore it from iPod, iPhone, iPad?
  • I want to transfer some songs from an iPhone, iPod, iPad to iTunes.
  • I want to save some songs from iPhone, iPod, iPad to my hard drive.


Has your hard drive crashed?

Transfer your music, videos, etc from iPhone/iPad/iPod back to your iTunes library!

Do you want to copy from iPhone X to iTunes library Y?

copyThing will show you what's missing in iTunes. Just select what you want to transfer.

Copy meta data like Rating, Play Count, Played Date, Skip Count, Skipped Date, etc.

Your media items will come back without losing their meta data.

copyThing - Copying from iPhone back to iTunes

Transfer files or playlists with ease

Choose what you want to transfer.
Click the transfer button, done!

What's missing from iTunes?

Let copyThing show you which things are missing from iTunes.
Watch out for the bubbles...
See at a glance where content is missing from iTunes. The bubbles in the source list show how much items are missing from a category/playlist.

Transfer Wizard

Use the Transfer Wizard to synchronize everything missing from iTunes, with just one click!

Duplicate Prevention - done properly

copyThing makes sure that files are only copied when really necessary - across the entire library.

Powerful iTunes Integration

Your media files, playlists and playlist items will transfer to iTunes with no effort on your part. ...
You can also transfer media files to any folder on your hard drive, instead of transferring to iTunes.

Smart Transfer

For playlist items, copyThing always takes care of the actual files behind, copying them if required.

Copy easily by media-kind

Copy out of one category, e.g. Music, Movies, Voice Memos etc.
See all media files missing from iTunes within any category.

Fast device copying

copyThing uses threaded copying, which means it is as fast as the device can deliver data.

Meta Data Transfer

Don't lose your Ratings, Play Counts, Played Dates, etc!
For every copied file, copyThing transfers its meta data to iTunes.

Data safety / device safety

copyThing works cleanly and does not hack into your iTunes library file to modify it. ...
Also, your iPod/iPhone/iPad will not be modified to make copyThing work.

Search music, movies, podcasts etc.

50,000 songs on your iPhone/iPad/iPod?
Enter a search string and copyThing shows all matches instantly.

Preview songs, movies, podcasts etc.

Want to preview something before transferring?
Just select it and hit the space bar or click the Play button.
copyThing starts the preview right within the song/video so you can quickly test hear it. No need to set the play position for every preview manually forward.

Easy to use, saving your time

copyThing's user interface is efficient and very easy to use.
Help and guidance available where necessary.

One-Click Updates

Updating copyThing to the latest release is simple.
One click will download, install and launch the latest release.
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