copyThing Frequently Asked Questions

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I have all my files in iTunes already and only need the playlists from my device...

copyThing manages this automatically.
If a matching file already exists in iTunes, it will not be copied from the device. Instead, the existing file in iTunes will be used to re-create an entry in a playlist.
Therefore you can just select the playlist(s) you want to re-create and click the Transfer-button, done.

Will copyThing remove any DRM from media files?

No. copyThing does not remove any digital rights management from files. To play such files you must authorize your Mac in the usual way via the iTunes Store.

Will copyThing delete something from iTunes or from my device?

No. Using the Sync- and Transfer features nothing will be deleted. Not from the device, and not from iTunes.
Unlike iTunes' strict mirror-sync, copyThing does an add-sync, adding missing items only and leaving other content intact.

Yes. In the Tools window, you can delete "dead tracks" - media items with broken links to the actual files on disk.
You can also remove playlists with a given criteria (this will not remove any media items in iTunes - only playlists and playlist entries).

My device doesn't show up in copyThing

Answer 1:
If multiple devices are connected, just choose the desired one from the popup menu in the upper-left area.

Answer 2:
Disconnect your device from the USB cable, unlock your device by entering your passcode on the lock screen, then re-connect the USB cable.

Answer 3:
If you're using a cheap USB cable for your iPhone/iPod/iPad, that may very well be the reason. Try the original USB cable from Apple.

License & Updates Questions

One license:
The registration / activation key is stored on the device. The advantage is that there's no need to register different computers since it is the device that is activated. This is more convenient since most users have one device but two or more computers they want to connect to. So you can use your device with any Mac you like without having to type in the registration data every time.

“Friend Pack” - two licenses:
If you want to gift a license to a friend this is for you.
It includes a second full independent license, no restrictions.

Family license:
For up to five family members in one household.

Updates to a higher main version number MAY be subject to a little update fee. In reality, updating to version 3.x.x and 4.x.x has been free of charge for all users. After many years of free updates, we are charging a fee for version 5 since it is basically a new app with tons of
new features.

All updates within the main version number are
generally free of charge (for instance every release in version 5.x.x).
Updating copyThing is very easy. You can do it from within the application with a single click when a new release becomes available.
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