copyThing Quick Start

Quick instructions for copying missing music/videos and playlists back to iTunes:

  • Download copyThing if you haven't already.
  • Launch copyThing.
  • In the upper left area, click the button "Turn Off iTunes' Device Sync". This will ensure that iTunes doesn't sync to your device (and possibly delete media/playlists on the device). You can turn this back on later.
  • Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • Select the playlist, or items within a playlist, that you want to transfer and click the Transfer button.
  • Done!
  • If you want to transfer all missing items in one step, click the "Transfer Wizard" button (upper left of the window).
  • As a default setting, copyThing displays items from your device which are already in the iTunes library. These items appear dimmed and they can be selected and previewed. To avoid duplicates in iTunes dimmed items are NEVER transferred, no matter what you do, you can't go wrong. If you don't want to see dimmed items at all, click the button "Hide Items in iTunes" (bottom right of the Content View).
  • You can preview media on your device by double clicking (or using the space bar).
  • If you have question about someThing in copyThing, hover the mouse over it. A question mark will appear. Click on this opens a window with an explanation.
  • Multiple selection is possible everywhere.
  • Items can be transfered at any time, even if a transfer is already running.

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