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What our wonderful users say:
I was impressed with how easily the program did its job, and how elegant it looks too. My compliments.

Susan Williams, New Ipswich - United States

The program worked like a charm. I successfully recovered my playlists which was a major headache. iTunes is a great program but there are some maddening paternalistic things it does. Your program makes some of those pains less painful.

William Lehr, Concord - United States

Best investment I've made so far this year. I lost all of my music in a hard drive crash, and none of the other apps could do the job. Thanks to you, I've got my iTunes library back.

Beth Callaghan, San Francisco - United States

The software is brilliant, you've just saved many years of my music collection that was scattered across different ipods & from lost CDs via copyThing’s additive sync.

Adrian Henning, London - United Kingdom

I only wish I had found your copyThing software earlier. Following a hard-drive failure...
...I began the laborious task of reloading all of my music. After getting through half of it, I was browsing around for iTunes related software and came upon your little gem. You've probably saved me about a week's worth of work at least and made my life easier in general.

R J Briggs, Austin - United States

I have used this program when i got my new MBP to transfer everything from my PC-formatted iPod to my new machine - it worked wonderfully, and was well worth the purchase price. Highly recommended program - very easy to use!


I've been looking for something like this for ages. Nice one. Keep up the good work.

Dean Hill, United Kingdom

...until I received copyThing and found out it is the first program that I bought that has an excellent interface, well thought out, easy to use and does everything that I wanted it to do. Thanks!

Don Kattenhorn, San Lorenzo - United States

Keep up the great work. I've told many people about your fine program and super support.

Matthew Jackson, France

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I have a 20 GIG iPod and while I have all my music backed up, I did not welcome the thought of taking the days necessary to restore all my music and playlists.
I am really happy to say, within minutes, my music is back on my Mac thanks to your program. It restored everything exactly as I had hoped...from playlists to ratings to play count. YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!
Thank you SO MUCH for the tie you put into this wonderful application!!!!!! I couldn't be happier with it and will most certainly recommend it to my friends!

Jerry Carroll, Everett - United States

Thanks for making such a great product.

Larry Moss, Sunnyvale - United States

I used copyThing to backup my playlists and it's working like a charm! Great work Cris, copyThing is hands down the best software in its class! Keep it up!

Steve Pestana, Brooklyn - United States

When my hard drive partition fried, I thought all was lost. Then I realized my very extensive playlists were also on my iPod...only to find out they wouldn't transfer to my reformatted/installed disk. Your program saved the day. I thank you and, more importantly, my family thanks you!

Marlon Housman, Sebastopol - United States

Thank you for your time and effort. Your software works brilliantly and is exactly what I have been looking for.

James Lynch, Kent - United Kingdom

Your program saved my entire iTunes music library from oblivion. I can't tell you how much I appreciate copyThing--a great project, well designed and easy to use. I will pass the word along to everyone I know. Thank you so much.

Susan Williams (in another email), New Ipswich - United States

Thank you very much for a wonderful piece of software. You saved the Day!

Conrad Sanders, Eagan - United States

I have been using copyThing for a few days now and I love it. What a great program! I use the manual copy to find songs I deleted from my hard drive but have on the iPod. It's great! Now I'm going to show my husband how to use his. He'll love it, he lives by his iPod. Thanks again!

Susan Isaacs, Culver City - United States

It works beautifully. Congratulations on a fantastic software program, and thanks for your help.

Bill, Balmain - Australia

Thanks for such a great product that works so well!

Lee Owen, Seattle - United States

Thank you for creating this program. I was able to restore my playlists from my iPod without any trouble. Being able to do this has saved me a great deal of time and frustration.

Monya Virgil, Coeur d'Alene - United States

Thank you, I was able to run your very impressive software with no problem. It's cool and saved me a lot of time rebuilding my total music library. Thank you also for your prompt reply(s).

Richard Sherman, Miami - United States

Thanks Cris, for updating your software so fast. I wish all programs kept as up-to-date as yours.

Michael Lopez, New York - United States

Very nice program! Well done!

Alexander Marsland, High Legh Knutsford - United Kingdom

I am SO grateful for copyThing that I cannot find the words to thank you! I started to lose my data, while trying to back up! (...)
The only thing that kept me going was the fact that I still had my daily data on my Palm and I knew that your software existed, from reading about it in iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual. (Just learning about your software was important enough to justify paying for the book!)
They gave my computer back to me yesterday, but the problems were not fixed. I spent this morning with Apple tech support again, and slowly have regained use of my Palm synchronization and incoming email and Net connection.
I am running copyThing now, and I am delighted and relieved at how easy it is to use. Even though English is not your first language, you have given excellent, clear directions. Although I had previously tried to back up my iTunes library, there were many things that I had not recorded. Sure enough, when I got my computer back from the repair place, most of my purchased music was gone. Your software has saved me many hours and untold heartache.
I love too that it's possible to preserve non-ASCII text in the track info. I have a lot of Spanish and French music, and I hate having them listed without proper accents.
I studied a little German a LONG time ago and I'm sure my spelling is bad, but believe me when I say Danke Shoen and Ich liebe Dich! ***(cris got a little red here)*** :-)

Gloria Manucia, Metairie - United States

An outstanding product-did everything promised-thank you.

John S. Charlotte, NC - United States

I recently experienced a huge problem w/my itunes- my library was damaged and wiped out. Of course, the backup that I'd saved hadn't. The only files I had were on my iPod. Well, I went search the Web, and came across your product. After reading the testimonials, I decided I had to give your creation a try.
I made it through the holiday weekend (barely!) then hit the library this afternoon to download (I have dial-up in my rural area). The entire experience couldn't have been any easier and effective. Thanks for creating this incredible application!!



Susan George, MI - United States

This is fantastic. The price is more than worth the easy use. You have made a great product.

Alice Temming, OH - United States

... and many more. Thank you, all!
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