"I was impressed with how easily the program did its job, and how elegant it looks too. My compliments."
Susan Williams,
New Ipswich - US
"The program worked like a charm. I successfully recovered my playlists which was a major headache."
William Lehr,
Concord - US
"Best investment I've made so far this year."
Beth Callaghan,
San Francisco - US
"I have used this program when i got my new MBP to transfer everything from my PC-formatted iPod to my new machine - it worked wonderfully, and was well worth the purchase price. Highly recommended program - very easy to use!"
Josh, Tuaw.com
"The software is brilliant, you've just saved many years of my music collection that was scattered across different ipods & from lost CDs via copyThing’s additive sync."
Adrian Henning,
London - UK
"I am really happy to say, within minutes, my music is back on my Mac thanks to your program. It restored everything exactly as I had hoped...from playlists to ratings to play count. YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!"
Jerry Carroll,
Everett - US
"Keep up the great work. I've told many people about your fine program and super support."
Matthew Jackson,

Why copyThing

On October 22, 2001, one day before the official release of the very first iPod, the very first iPod utility “iPod Free File Access” came into being.
It was very simple but it already allowed the user to copy songs from an iPod. Over the years this project has evolved into an application with more features and a very easy-to-use interface.


  • Designed with the greatest possible ease of use in mind. You can see at a glance how much content is missing from iTunes, and from where! And transferring things is as simple as selecting them and clicking on the Transfer button.
  • With other iPhone/iPod tools you may have to manage the iTunes application preferences as well as the iPod’s settings before you start. These require specific settings to work as intended and to do no harm (deletion or duplication of files). These must then be reset afterwards. copyThing does all of this for you. It works regardless of your iTunes and iPod preferences. You don't have to learn the what and the why.
  • To prevent the accidental deletion of your device by iTunes, copyThing can disable iTunes' own device sync with a single click!
  • copyThing does not try to mimic existing iTunes/iPhoto functionality. It concentrates on what you CAN'T do: copy media files and playlists from a device to your Mac/iTunes library.
  • copyThing is truly made for Mac, on a Mac. It is not a Windows-ported application trying to be a Mac-application.


  • Many developers don't like extensive product testing. And fixing bugs is more painful than fun. Implementing new features is fun and is also good for marketing. A lot of software is like this. We prefer to implement a feature later, but ensure that existing features work as intended, and reliably.
  • copyThing supports a large range of Mac OS, iTunes and device versions. There are thousands of combinations on which copyThing is intended to work and we have spent a lot of time testing copyThing in various environments, with different settings and content.

Data protection

  • We consider data protection to be very important. So we test every new OS and iTunes release that is to work with copyThing and make changes as necessary. We usually release a new version very shortly after an OS or iTunes release.
  • copyThing does not modify your device by hacking into the device library, which can corrupt data on the device.
  • The iTunes library is also not hacked. copyThing makes updates only in Apple-approved ways, keeping your data safe.


  • copyThing has been continuously updated (and re-branded) throughout its over 13-year lifetime.
  • copyThing has a built-in update feature making it very easy to keep the application up-to-date. It can be done with a single mouse-click.
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