copyThing 5.0
Synchronize Media from iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes

July 22, 2015
Hamburg, Germany - crispSofties introduces the all new copyThing 5, a Mac utility to transfer music & more from iPhone to iTunes. It is the successor to "iPod.iTunes 4.8" and has been completely re-written from scratch to significantly enhance & simplify the user experience.

What it does
copyThing 5 connects with iPhones, iPads & iPods and makes it very easy to identify media content on those devices which is missing from your iTunes library.
Media & Playlists can be synchronized with one click in various ways, including via a Transfer Wizard, and always without the fear of ending up with duplicates in iTunes. copyThing 5 also features Live Search and Media Preview, which works for audio as well as video content.
copyThing 5 Features
  • Completely re-written from scratch (better and faster in every respect).
  • New clean user interface with one-click transfers.
  • Device source list with bubbles, making it super-easy to see which device content is missing from iTunes.
  • Transfer Wizard - automatically copies missing content by media kind, playlists, or just every missing item.
  • One-click playlist transfer - creates selected playlist(s) (if missing) and smart copies all missing items from here as required.
  • One-click media file or playlist entry transfer - copies selected items within categories or playlists (again, only if missing in iTunes).
  • Enhanced duplicate prevention. Existing matching media files in iTunes are used to recreate device playlists in iTunes.
  • Live search the whole device library, or within media categories, or within playlists.
  • Threaded copying: at any time, select more content to transfer while a transfer is already in progress.
  • Optionally, playlists can be copied with the addition of a name-prefix, e.g. "Claire's iPhone: 999 Love Songs", to separate copied device playlists from existing playlists in iTunes.
  • Folder Copy: copies media items from the device to a Finder folder on your Mac, sorted in subfolders. This mode does not require iTunes.
  • Support for OS X Fullscreen mode and Notification Center.
  • Direct iOS device support (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). No jailbreak required.
  • Direct iPod device support (classic, nano, mini, shuffle, etc), regardless of disk mode settings.
  • Integrates with iTunes, regardless of iTunes' media preferences.
  • Prevents with one click unwanted iTunes device-syncing (which may delete restorable content on your device).
  • New clean app icon.
copyThing 5 Requirements
  • Apple computer with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher.
  • Any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or iPod, including Windows-formatted iPods.

Availability & Price
copyThing 5 is $29.95 (Upgrade $14.95) and is available as an online download at
The product page is at

The press kit can be downloaded here: copyThing 5 Press Kit

Free Press License
If you would like to write a review/article about copyThing, I would be happy to send you an activation code:

About crispSofties
On October 22, 2001, one day before the official release of the very first iPod, the very first iPod utility “iPod Free File Access” came into being. It was very simple but it already allowed the user to copy songs from an iPod. Over the years this project has evolved into an application with more features and a very easy-to-use interface.
crispSofties is run by independent software developer Christian Vick, who worked in the music industry until 2006 as a programmer, specializing in content search, data sync, and workflow solutions.

Christian Vick
Founder, Programmer, Charman
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