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Susan Williams,
New Ipswich - US
"The program worked like a charm. I successfully recovered my playlists which was a major headache."
William Lehr,
Concord - US
"Best investment I've made so far this year."
Beth Callaghan,
San Francisco - US
"The software is brilliant, you've just saved many years of my music collection that was scattered across different ipods & from lost CDs via copyThing’s additive sync."
Adrian Henning,
London - UK
"I only wish I had found your copyThing software earlier."
R J Briggs,
Austin - US
"I have used this program when i got my new MBP to transfer everything from my PC-formatted iPod to my new machine - it worked wonderfully, and was well worth the purchase price. Highly recommended program - very easy to use!"
Josh, Tuaw.com
"Keep up the great work. I've told many people about your fine program and super support."
Matthew Jackson,
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Jerry Carroll,
Everett - US
"I used copyThing to backup my playlists and it's working like a charm! Great work Cris, copyThing is hands down the best software in its class! Keep it up!"
Steve Pestana,
Brooklyn - US
"Thank you for creating this program. I was able to restore my playlists from my iPod without any trouble. Being able to do this has saved me a great deal of time and frustration."
Monya Virgil,
Coeur d'Alene - US
"Thank you, I was able to run your very impressive software with no problem. It's cool and saved me a lot of time rebuilding my total music library. Thank you also for your prompt reply(s)."
Richard Sherman,
Miami - US
"An outstanding product-did everything promised-thank you."
John S. Charlotte,

copyThing Release Notes

copyThing 5.1.2
  • Tested with iTunes 12.5.5 and iOS 10.2.1.
copyThing 5.1.1
  • Fixed a bug where playlists did not read under iOS 10.
  • Tested with iTunes 12.5.3.
copyThing 5.1.0
  • Compatibility for macOS Sierra (10.12), iTunes 12.5.1 and iOS 10.
copyThing 5.0.9
  • Tested with iTunes 12.4.2
copyThing 5.0.8
  • Compatibility/tested for Mac OS 10.11.5 and iTunes 12.4.
copyThing 5.0.7
  • Compatibility/tested for Mac OS 10.11.4, iTunes 12.3.3 and iOS 9.3.
copyThing 5.0.6
  • Compatibility for Mac OS 10.11.2, iTunes 12.3.2 and iOS 9.2.
  • Various smaller enhancements and fixes.
copyThing 5.0.5
  • Compatibility for Mac OS 10.11 Yosemite.
  • Compatibility for iTunes 12.3.
  • Compatibility for iOS 9.
  • Various smaller enhancements and fixes.
copyThing 5.0.3
  • Tested with iTunes 12.2
  • Cosmetic changes.
copyThing 5.0.2
  • Compatibility for iOS 8.4
  • For the older Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) there is now a separate release available. This was necessary because of compatibility issues which made it impossible to support Mac OS 10.6.8 and iOS 8.4 in one build.
copyThing 5.0.1
  • Tested with iTunes 12.2
copyThing 5 Features
  • Completely re-written from scratch (better and faster in every respect).
  • New clean user interface with one-click transfers.
  • Device source list with bubbles, making it super-easy to see which device content is missing from iTunes.
  • Transfer Wizard - automatically copies missing content by media kind, playlists, or just every missing item.
  • One-click playlist transfer - creates selected playlist(s) (if missing) and smart copies all missing items from here as required.
  • One-click media file or playlist entry transfer - copies selected items within categories or playlists (again, only if missing in iTunes).
  • Enhanced duplicate prevention. Existing matching media files in iTunes are used to recreate device playlists in iTunes.
  • Live search the whole device library, or within media categories, or within playlists.
  • Threaded copying: at any time, select more content to transfer while a transfer is already in progress.
  • Optionally, playlists can be copied with the addition of a name-prefix, e.g. "Claire's iPhone: 999 Love Songs", to separate copied device playlists from existing playlists in iTunes.
  • Folder Copy: copies media items from the device to a Finder folder on your Mac, sorted in subfolders. This mode does not require iTunes.
  • Support for OS X Fullscreen mode and Notification Center.
  • Direct iOS device support (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). No jailbreak required.
  • Direct iPod device support (classic, nano, mini, shuffle, etc), regardless of disk mode settings.
  • Integrates with iTunes, regardless of iTunes' media preferences.
  • Prevents with one click unwanted iTunes device-syncing (which may delete restorable content on your device).
  • New clean app icon.
If you own a license for iPod.iTunes 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, you are eligible to upgrade to copyThing 5 for an upgrade fee.
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