Free trial

You can try copyThing and all it’s features without a license key.

Within this universe it’s the truth that no one pays for software if there isn’t a limitation, so there is one. 🙄 Around half the media files will be skipped during the transfer. Because of copyThing’s “no duplicates”-nature it will seamlessly transfer every missing item after buying a license key. 🙂 Skipped items will be marked blue, so you can see what exactly is skipped intentionally.

To open copyThing, right-click it in the Finder and chose “Open” from the context menu. You will have to do this only once.

Otherwise you will get this message:

copyThing Unidentified Developer

Download copyThing 5.1.3


  • copyThing runs on Apple computers with macOS, from version 10.7.x up to 10.14.x.
    macOS 10.15 and higher is not supported, as Apple removed 32bit support.
  • Any iPhone, iPad, iPod. Including the very first iPod, including Windows-formatted iPods.
  • Optional: iTunes, version 9.2.1 or higher. You may use copyThing without iTunes, if you wish to copy media files to your hard drive only (no duplicate recognition in that case).