Copy your iPhone / iPod back to iTunes

copyThing will save your time by making it super simple to transfer desired media. Copy playlists, songs, movies, podcasts and voice memos. From iPhone, iPod, or iPad, back to your iTunes library. Without duplicates.

Import Playlist Entries to iTunes Library on Mac OS X.

  • Too easy: Select what you want, hit Return, done.
  • Transfers seamlessly into iTunes, without duplicates.
  • View everything, or filtered by only the content which is missing from your iTunes library. The number bubbles let you easily see how much items are missing, and where.
  • Transfer playlists to iTunes. All, or partly. All songs within, or partly. Smartly copies media files, if required.
  • Preview: See/hear media files, intelligently – it starts right within a song/movie.
  • Search media, lighting fast. Everywhere, or in selected playlists / media categories only. 50,000 songs? No problem.
  • One Click Restore, if you wish. Everything, or for specific media categories only.
  • Transfers with every copied file the belonging meta data like song rating, played count, played date, and more.
  • Option to copy media files just to a folder on your Mac (if iTunes is undesired).

Download copyThing
for macOS 10.7 up to 10.14.x.
macOS 10.15 and higher is not supported, as Apple removed 32bit support.

To open copyThing, right-click it in the Finder and chose “Open” from the context menu. You will have to this only once.

Otherwise you will get this message:

copyThing Unidentified Developer

Release Notes / Version History


On October 22, 2001, one day before the official release of the very first iPod, the very first iPod utility “iPod Free File Access” came into being.
It was very simple but it already allowed the user to copy songs from an iPod. Over the years this project has evolved into an application with more features and a very easy-to-use interface, named “copyThing“.

Names of earlier releases:

  • iPod Free File Access
  • iPod Free File Sync
  • iPod2iTunes
  • iPod.iTunes