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...and the music goes on...




Easy to use...

  1. One-click transfer, without duplicates.

  2. Works independently of your
    iTunes- and iPod settings.

  3. Suppress iTunes’ own device sync with a single mouse click, so iTunes cannot delete content on the device. More...

  4. Active user guiding where necessary.

...and powerful features:

  1. Superior iTunes integration including playlists and meta data.

  2. Choose media items manually if you don't want to copy all missing items.

  3. Copies seamlessly to existing media items in the iTunes music folder (or any other folder). Never overwrites any existing files.

  4. Supports Windows-formatted devices.

  5. Registration is independent of the computer. Just connect your iPod to any Mac without the need to register the Mac.

  6. One-click application updating.

  7. Supported formats:
    - Music
    - Music Videos
    - Videos
    - TV-Shows
    - Podcasts
    - iTunes U
    - Audio Books
    - Voice Memos

iPod.iTunes can be used to:

  1. Copy media items and playlists from any iPhone/iPad/iPod to any iTunes library.

  2. Do a full restore of media items and playlists from your iPod/iPhone/iPad - i.e. after a hard disk failure or if you buy a new Mac.

  3. Revert accident deletion of media items and playlists in iTunes, if these are still on your device.

  4. Keep media items and playlists on different Macs up to date.

  5. Transfer an iTunes library from one Mac to another via an iPod/iPhone/iPad.

About iPod.iTunes

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch directly supported!
No jailbreak required.

Unlike other transfer software, iPod.iTunes has been designed to make it super simple to copy content from iPhones, iPads and iPods to any iTunes library.

iPod.iTunes’ user interface makes it incredible obvious what’s on your device, and what is missing in iTunes.

As an example: to copy all missing content (without duplicates) just press command-a and click the Transfer-button, that’s all!
You can of course also copy only desired media and/or playlists.


About iPod.iTunes